Monday, February 9, 2009

Skating Fun!

The last couple weekends Corey has been out of town teaching. He taught in St. Louis and then New York this weekend. We though have definately been keeping busy. The girls and I have spent alot of time at the rink from helping with birthday parties, to playing dodgeball, to riding on the scooters.

Shay has been taking skating lessons at the rink also on Thursday nights. She is having a blast. She's a pretty good skater so now Rhonda's teaching her to skate backwards and do her crossovers when she's turning.

I'm very excited to say I'll be getting in my very own skates this week as well!! I'm definately excited about that.

Of course, Julie's always taking pictures!

Shay went to Taylor's birthday party at the rink last Saturday morning!

As you can see, Jordyn was a tad bit tired and Brody skated around with her (he's a much better skater...I wouldn't do it because we'd both wipe out) and she crashed on him. After she was out he decided he'd better sit down! Millie and him are watching her sleep!

We have met some of the most amazing people being at the rink. Vince and Julie love our girls as do most of the other people that go there! They're all very helpful and wanting to play with and hold/carry Jordyn around too. They definately all help us me with my sanity when it's just us!

The girls!

The girls!
Jordyn's 4-wheeler