Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Spring!

How beautiful it’s been outside!  We love it when Spring comes…the  flowers are coming up, the sticks and leftover leaves are all over the yard (but we have fun cleaning them up) and the beautiful sun with NO WINTER COATS!  We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately and the girls are loving every minute of it.  We' have got to spend time at the park with out friends and it’s been wonderful!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it necessary?

All the negativity in this world…

Seems like everything these days is based around negativity.  It seems like everyone is bashing Obama or our government in general; gossiping about who’s pregnant or who cheated on their husband or who they were seen with and well…surely that means they’re up to no good. :(  It makes me sad.


Is it worth it?...

I don’t think so.  We live such a short life, do you really want to fill it with all the negatives?  I don’t.  It’s awesome to see what a reaction you can get from a stranger by smiling at them, holding the door for them or just simply asking if they need any help. 

Is it worth being angry at your friend for not calling you back when they said they would, when in all reality they probably got busy and forgot or it got too late…instead it would be much more pleasant for you to get together and play some cards.


Try it…

For the next week (start small) make it a goal of yours to

**smile at 1 new person a day 

**think twice before you say a negative comment about anyone or anything…is it THAT important?

**hug a family member, friend or stranger at LEAST once a day


I think all of these things are important to living a happier life for you and everyone you come in contact with. 

It’s Friday, enjoy yourself.  Live life to the fullest and take advantage of every pleasant moment you get.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I’m so excited!



I have taken the plunge and decided to be a Scentsy consultant!  I am extremely excited about this…truly.   I love the products, and I also believe that this can grow to be a great business.


First off… it was extremely simple to sign up.  I simply went to my friend Erica’s website (mine is and was able to “Join her Team” straight from there.  You would think that selling something with so many scents that you would have a ton of heavy candles to carry around.  NOPE.   The starter kit comes with a sample of each scent in a small container that all fits in a small tub with a handle for easier carrying.  Definitely not heavy.  That along with some catalogs and order forms and a warmer or two…you’ve got it made.  Doesn’t take up much room at all!


Second…the starter kit comes with 3 months of your website for free!  I think the website is a great way to get your info out and allow your friends/family/clients to order and view what Scentsy has available.  I also have decided that everyone who goes through my scents will get a catalog to keep.  This way they can mark in their catalog which scents they  LOVE    LIKE  and   HATE.  This way when their scent bars have run out, they have a quick reference to which ones they might want to try out.


Third…FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.  This is for a party or just for you.  Yep you heard it right FREE SHIPPING!  Doesn’t seem like any kind of business like this offers such thing. 


Please, I ask you to check out my site, sign up to receive my newsletter and contact me to host a party or basket party!  Thank you for all your support!  I hope that this will give me the chance for some extra income to give me the chance to continue staying home with our girls!


Before I end I also want to tell you about a basket party.  A basket party is when you take the small samples of each scent to work or to a family event so that everyone can smell them. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I can’t believe it, the sun is shining and it was 36 degrees when I got home from preschool at 11:45!  I am so tired of the cold, the ice and the snow that has been on the ground since November.  The kids got to go outside to play at preschool and we’re on the way to being able to see grass in this town before May!


Corey’s cousin, Nikki, and her family came to visit us this weekend!  We had a great time with them.  We met them at Get-A-Way bar in Manley for lunch (seemed like a good idea at the time).  The food was wonderful but the lady was not very pleasant and the floor was SOOOO dirty…gross.  The floor was so dirty that when I picked my purse up off the floor and set it on my lap, I had a coating of dust/dirt on my legs.  It was disgusting.  Anyways, we got our fried food and awesomely fat burgers and although the only drinks were in bottles or can, we had a great time hanging out with them.  After the girls played in the house and watched a Barbie movie, we went up to the skating rink.  Everyone had skates on including Nikki and Mauro!  What a wonderful time we had with them.


I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy the sun.  Smile at your neighbor and strangers that walk by!  Happy Tuesday everyone!

The girls!

The girls!
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