Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Last weekend was Skyler's Confirmation. We went out and got to spend Saturday evening with Mom, Skyler, Niki, Keenan and Kobie. We went to eat supper at Kerry's. After we were finished, Mom and Skyler had stuff they needed to get home and take care of for Sunday so Corey, the girls and I along with Niki, Keenan and Kobie went to the park (it was nice!) and played for a good hour or so before we headed back to moms for bed. Kaden got to spend the afternoon/evening with Scott in the field!

Kaden and Jordyn did alot of strolling around with Corey at Hunters' Lounge in Waco during Skyler's Confirmation Open House. They both had fun and no one had any complaints :)

Guess this is what happens when you leave your boots lay never know who will be wearing them outta there!

Skyler and her sponsors, Niki and Clay.

Shay had her Spring Program last Friday night and did a wonderful job singing all of her songs. Their last day of school was Tuesday so she's off until August! (We're already finding lots of things to do OUTSIDE to keep them busy!)
We have definately been spending alot of time outside the last few days while it's been nice but of course our girls know EXACTLY how to make mud if they can't find any to play in. We've already got a routine set up for when we come back in the house and it consists of dropping their shoes and all of their clothes right inside the back door and straight to the tub. They've been getting multiple baths in a day!
The kids got to ride around with Corey and Brody while I packed for Confirmation. Both of them always have such a great time when they're out riding!

The girls!

The girls!
Jordyn's 4-wheeler