Monday, April 27, 2009

Been Busy!

Yep, it's been a while, but I'll guarantee you that we've been busy! A couple weeks ago we went to Claire Ehler's birthday party at the Children's Museum and the girls had a blast! Well, all the kids had a blast (even Corey!).

Kaden and Jordyn were definately lovin on each other!!

I know you're all surprised but they got to dress up and Shay LOVED it!

Here's the boys! Having a house full of girls, there must be something to even it out. Duke and Rocky were finally able to be caught on camera snuggling. They know as soon as I get the camera out most of the time and are both up and moving. Ya know, they wouldn't want anyone to think that they actually get along and like each other!

It got nice outside finally! The girls had a great time playing but since there wasn't any mud to play in, they made their own with the water from Duke's dish and the dirt by the house. Jordyn wanted her hands clean...since she was already dirty, I showed her how to wash them in the dish and wipe them on her shirt! :)

Shay and Jordyn had alot of fun at Easter! We went to the Seward Country Club with the Cradick side of the family and then drove to Ceresco to hang out with Sharon and the Peterson side of the family! Most parents have nice pictures of their kids in their Easter dresses together...not this one. If I try to take their pictures together on purpose it ends up frustrating me because they're both pains in the butt! Here's Shay above, outside of Sharon's house, looking for candy!

The Easter Bunny came to Grandma Cheryl's house and hid the eggs outside this year!

Hope you're all enjoying the spring and wonderful weather as much as we are!!

The girls!

The girls!
Jordyn's 4-wheeler