Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I’m so excited!



I have taken the plunge and decided to be a Scentsy consultant!  I am extremely excited about this…truly.   I love the products, and I also believe that this can grow to be a great business.


First off… it was extremely simple to sign up.  I simply went to my friend Erica’s website (mine is and was able to “Join her Team” straight from there.  You would think that selling something with so many scents that you would have a ton of heavy candles to carry around.  NOPE.   The starter kit comes with a sample of each scent in a small container that all fits in a small tub with a handle for easier carrying.  Definitely not heavy.  That along with some catalogs and order forms and a warmer or two…you’ve got it made.  Doesn’t take up much room at all!


Second…the starter kit comes with 3 months of your website for free!  I think the website is a great way to get your info out and allow your friends/family/clients to order and view what Scentsy has available.  I also have decided that everyone who goes through my scents will get a catalog to keep.  This way they can mark in their catalog which scents they  LOVE    LIKE  and   HATE.  This way when their scent bars have run out, they have a quick reference to which ones they might want to try out.


Third…FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.  This is for a party or just for you.  Yep you heard it right FREE SHIPPING!  Doesn’t seem like any kind of business like this offers such thing. 


Please, I ask you to check out my site, sign up to receive my newsletter and contact me to host a party or basket party!  Thank you for all your support!  I hope that this will give me the chance for some extra income to give me the chance to continue staying home with our girls!


Before I end I also want to tell you about a basket party.  A basket party is when you take the small samples of each scent to work or to a family event so that everyone can smell them. 

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