Monday, September 14, 2009

Arbor Day Farm

This past weekend Corey, Shaylynn, Jordyn and I went to the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.  We had so much fun and learned alot too!  It was so peaceful and adventurous and the apples were delicious!

Here’s some random pictures from our day.


Jordyn had an owie so Shay was tending to it.


This was randomly placed on the trail.


Can you tell what this is?  It’s a bat that fell out of a box that Shay opened.  Needless to say, she wasn’t too excited to open the next ones.


What an adorable family I have!


On the Discovery Ride…an hour long tour of the entire acreage.


The Apple Trees (a very small portion)


Our family on the ride (Jordyn just woke up and Shay was eating a ring pop)


Sitting on the bridge



Thursday Kaden had eye surgery so we got to have a play  date with Kobie and Keenan!  Here are a few pictures from that as well!




The whole crew


The big kids riding the little 4-wheeler

101_0118 - Copy



Say What?


The Nebraska State Fair!

Over Labor Day weekend we had some great friends, Kent and Erin Gerih, come down and spend time with us from McCook. Kent’s main goal for this trip was to go to Bass Pro Shops. They got in late Friday night (ok, late for me!) and we planned to get up and go in the morning. Well…we didn’t get started quite as soon as I had planned because I was simply going to go up to the Cenex and get the boys Biscuits and Gravy but it ended up taking me an hour. (long story) Anyways, I finally got back and we headed out. Kent had full intentions of being there at least half of the day, so they Campbells started off the trip with jerky, sour gummy worms, Diet Coke and Root Beer. The kids had a blast! They saw the fish, the boats (Corey and Jordyn enjoyed this part the most), and best of all…we did the hunting simulator! I really think I should take up hunting because I kinda kicked butt!! We had a great time and Kent found a little of what he was looking for as well.

After that we headed over to Quaker Steak and Lube for lunch. It was a cool place with yummy food! I had their fresh baked potato chips…mmmmmmm!

Saturday night we went to the One Eyed Dog in Eagle to watch the game. Needless to say, we were all ready for bed by the time we got home. Ok, so the girls, Erin and I were…the guys hunt out and drank a couple beers first.

Sunday we went to the State Fair! This was a first for Kent and Erin, but I’m sure it was the first of many since it’s moving to Grand Island.


Kent was supposed to eat a Corn Dog so we got his proof pictures!

101_0093 101_0096

Then Erin and Corey tasted the Corn Dog!

101_0099 101_0095

But the girls got their own!


Here’s some more pictures from the day.

101_0100 101_0067 101_0069 101_0073

The whole crew watching the parade!


Thanks Kent and Erin for a great weekend! We had a blast with you guys and you’re welcome back anytime!

The girls!

The girls!
Jordyn's 4-wheeler