Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Day 2010!

My cousin, Laine Stahr was flying from Tennessee to Colorado in a US Army UH 60 Blackhawk on New Years Day and got to land it on his parents farm “Stahr Hill” in the bean field just down the road from my Dad’s house!   It was about 5 degrees out that day and windy but many people anxiously waited their arrival!  I took lots of pictures so be prepared! (surprise surprise!)


IMG_1100 IMG_1033

Waisting time :)


Waiting for the Blackhawk


Dad’s Place

IMG_1042 - Copy IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1059 IMG_1062  IMG_1076

Dad’s place in the background


Laine walking up


People coming to greet Laine


More people


Grandma and Laine

 IMG_1087 IMG_1089

Grandma, Laine and Dale


Cars lined up


More Cars (the rest were parked around front)


**Thanks Laine for landing and letting us all check things out.  This was a great opportunity to see you and get a small idea of what you do!

Our Trip to Hemingford

Our trip started out a day early due to the prediction of ice, snow and wind.  We got out there Tuesday night and the weather decided that it would wait until Christmas Eve.  We had a great time hanging out with Corey’s family and getting to see the new baby, Sofia!  Christmas Eve we went to church and watched Emma in the program.  After that we went out to Corey’s Aunt Joy and Uncle Brad’s house.  We ate some yummy food, the kids opened presents and we enjoyed time with each other!


Jordyn playing with Sofia’s fingers


The girls sportin’ their new Jammies


Krista, Gay and Sofia


The whole Campbell crew!


Our Family :)


The Gomez Family


The Couple that started it all!


Christmas day we went to Corey’s Grandma Virginia’s house driving through the drifts to get there.  We were planning to leave the next morning (Saturday) to head to my Dad’s house for Christmas but as most of you know, the closed interstate was not going to allow for that so instead we hung out with the family and the went to supper at the Legion and watched the Foosball Tournament in town.


Shay, Emma, Jordyn, Isabell and Brooke



Corey and Jordyn on Emma’s motorcycle!


Corey, Emma, Isabell and Shay


Grandma Gay and all of the grandkids!


Isabell and Shaylynn



Jordyn’s Adventure

As some of you already know, Friday night Jordyn got it by a dog. She’s been quite the trooper throughout it all though. When we went to pick the girls up after it had happened and they had her all cleaned up with a bandaid over it, Corey was carrying her to the TrailBlazer and slipped on the ice, hitting Jordyn’s face on his shoulder and popping the whole thing open again. The poor girl looked like she had been in a car accident with blood covering her face and sitting in her eye.

Saturday morning I took her into the doctor while Corey took Shaylynn to Mahoney to play with the Koseks. Dr. Manning thought that we should probably put a couple stitches in there just to pull the gap shut so she didn’t have quite as big of a scar after it heals. Unfortunately it was just a nurse, the doctor and the front desk lady working so I had to help hold her arms down as she put a big long needle just below her eye to numb it. She kept crying, owie, Mommy, owie Mommy. It made me want to cry too :( She did excellent though. We had to wait at Walgreens for her antibiotic to get filled and she picked out a stuffed puppy. On the way home she said, “Mommy, cheek hurts"” so we stopped, I gave her some Motrin and then we continued on. She fell asleep about Eagle and we headed up to Mahoney. I know that she didn’t know she was missing out but I mentioned “Boo Boo” (Niki) to her and she was so excited to see her. I also figured that at least with the stitches, surely the whole thing couldn’t pop open again this way. By the end of the night, she did say it was “itchy” so she took a bath and was ready to just lay back and chill.

She gets her stitches out tomorrow…she’s very excited. We’ve been putting Vasaline on them to keep it moist so hopefully they won’t hurt so bad when they pull them out tomorrow. Today was the first time she didn’t cry and fight me to put it on too!

Here’s some pictures to see the healing!

Dog Bite Night

After they got it cleaned up Friday night.

Dog Bite Before Stitches

Just before stitches on Saturday Morning.

Dog Bite After Stitches

After stitches, waiting in Walgreens and picking out her puppy.

Dog Bite Next Day

Sunday…looking much better.

Dog Bite Tuesday

Tuesday…stitches out tomorrow! Yay! She’s been such a big girl!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Girls’ Birthday Party

The girls had a great birthday party again this year!  They enjoyed the friends and family that came to celebrate with them and of course loved the fun of presents and skating.  Thank you to all who came and all of the wonderful presents they got!


The girls posing for a picture BEFORE they get food all over themselves!




Opening Presents


Shay’s new Inlines.


Jordyn taking her skates off…she’s done!


Shay with some of her friends!


Grandpa Max, Vicky and Keenan


Come on Boo Boo…faster, I’ll pull you!

The girls!

The girls!
Jordyn's 4-wheeler